Thursday, 26 April 2018

Blog structure annual update 2018

This give you the latest state of play in the blogs 'underneath' this umbrella - just click on a title to see the blog:

SIRENA IV 2018 - a new blog for a cruise from Fehmarn, touching southern Denmark then up to the east coast of Sweden, dancing with the rocks to Stockholm (and further if we have time), returning the same way.

SIRENA IV 2017 - a summer cruise to the Baltic via Holland's northern canals & meers and around western Denmark, ending up in Fehmarn, Germany..

SIRENA IV @ Medway - occasional news of maintenance, additions and small trips.

SIRENA IV 2016 - 4 weeks cruise across North Sea, through Holland's southern canals, return along the coasts.

SIRENA IV 2015 - 4 weeks cruising back and forth across the Channel to France (Dieppe, Cherbourg) and around the Solent.

SIRENA IV 2014 - 1,000 mile cruise along South Coast to Isles of Scilly and back, contributed to Cruising Association.

SIRENA IV 2013 - 1,200 mile half-circumnavigation of UK from Fleetwood Lancs via Scotland and East Coast to Gillingham Kent, contributed to Cruising Association.