Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Blog structure updated

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the updates is?

Aside from this blog, which sits 'on top' as an umbrella commentary and explainer, there are three blogs with content:

SIRENA IV 2013 - half-circumnavigation of UK, contributed to Cruising Association, frozen

SIRENA IV @ Gillingham - rolling news of small trips, maintenance and additions, updated May 14 with lots of yard work pics

SIRENA IV 2014 - intended cruise along the South Coast of England, started May 14 during prep

We do hope this segmentation helps people to find what they want.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Blog aspirations - all sorts of sailing

Scroll down for two blogs below giving links to the authors, and to the existing 'experience' blogs sitting under this master.  This master blog is a 'note to ourselves' really, plus an aspiration of the other history that might be added here, a reminder of the style and content that we are trying to pursue, and a way of pulling all the other blogs together as they build up over the years.

The histories then that could be captured here one day, for context and posterity, are:
- Nic's sailing history including SIRENA I and II - dinghies in Dorset and some passages
- Lesley's sailing history - from Greek idyll to dinghies on the Thames
- SIRENA III - Jaguar 25 at Greenwich and Gillingham
- SIRENA IV - Nicholson 35 - the first year: purchase, Fleetwood, Irish Sea and IoM adventures.  This yacht is everything we want - strong, safe, go anywhere and manageable by husband and wife co-skippers.

As to the style and content, when  we read other blogs and articles we are often left feeling we have a surfeit of land-based information at the expense of sailing information. Therefore we aspire to write about passage plans, weather, sea conditions, sail plan, navigation and breaks & fixes.  Because this is what we find interesting to read from others, and we imagine some others at least will be interested to read it here.

Please add comments to our blog entries - we really welcome them, and will respond.